Wednesday, April 5, 2017

June 2016 I was traumatized, reading of the tragedy of Kathreen Ricketson. I was so impressed with the material in Brave New Quilts that I took copious notes on the lessons and the projects, wanting to utilize color as she explained it, and even bought some gray yardage, wanting to try her "Gray Play," an exercise with tones of gray (warms and cools look different with the same gray.) I haven't sewn it yet, but I will - I owe it to her legacy to proceed from her guidance.   

Fast forward nine some months - I may be finished with the blocks - not sewn together yet but here is my Gray Play exercise. There are sixteen blocks finished in the example shown below - red center surrounded by gray and vice versa. I grabbed and arranged nine pieces to show for one day in the IGQuiltFest Amy Ellis scheduled in March, trying to give a good representation of the exercise, and my goal in making these blocks was to have presentation of both warm and cool colors to express the warm and cool sides of gray. Thanks Kathreen, rip.

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