Thursday, January 12, 2017

Here We Go 2017...Q1 FAL

Dreams, hopes, plans and fears - for the next three months - all personified and captured in one messy photo of projects strewn over the family room floor.Going clockwise, top left corner around is 
1.T-shirt art (playing with fabric pens!!), 
2.hexie blanket (50 some hexies sewn together already) 
3.crochet baby blanket A in "Monet," 
4.scrappy wall quilt, 
5.Resolution block baby quilt (blue - almost cut off), 
6.full-sized afghan in browns, 
7.Pat Sloan's Scrap Happy Little Wishes challenge quilt, 
8. and 9. two crocheted (small) area rugs, one in brown, one in yellows. 
In the middle, top left and clockwise - 
10.Julie Yeager's Spiral Hexaround in peacock, 
11.mermaid blanket in peacock tones, baby blanket B and 
13.Cheerful Child in pumpkin, yellow, dark orchid and two tones of green. 

Well all right then!!!!

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