Saturday, July 16, 2016

Finishalong - 3rd quarter 2016

ACK!!! I've been assembling and deciding and pulling all my beautiful WIPs and UFOs for a week now and it's the moment of truth and putting it out there and I have less than 17 minutes now!! Of course I'm struggling with the new laptop, rushing back and forth with the old laptop but my entry is in, with at least 30 seconds to spare. For the 3rd quarter - think varied and think big lots. Top row, left to right - Garden State CAL, baby afghan "A" in Monet, baby afghan "B" in brights, Craftsy's 2016 BOM (I've been defiant because my absolute #1 despised quilty thing is to cut up little squares and sew them at the edges of larger squares, on a diagonal, then trim, fold over and press. I only like techniques like "no waste flying geese.") Middle row, left to right - baby quilt "A" (Resolution block set on point), the string quilt that won't take a hint and disappear into Permafrost UFO land, the log cabin in aquas and newsprint (Quilt Sandwich Fabrics in Marysville, WA had a tutorial on this last summer and I loved the color combination), and baby quilt "A" (which will be for Kristin and Jose's new baby, Savannah.) Bottom row, left to right - two lined linen sheaths (McCalls6887) in electric blue lol and jade, set of two appliqued kitchen terrycloth towels, cherry blossom afghan (baby afghan "C"??), and Pat Sloan 2015 challenge "Little Stars."
Thirteen projects, varied crafts and techniques. My problem with finishes is I get bored doing one kind of thing and want to do something else. Hence the varied projects may service my ennui. And I just realized I forgot to include the mug rugs. Hello, October!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Second Quarter Finishes for Finish-a-long

This picture, and its bold prediction, appeared April 16th, or three months ago at the start of the second quarter of the Finish-a-Long. From top left, a sampler quilt from Quiltnon 2016, Baby Blanket A (the vibrant colors), Baby Blanket B (nine patch), Baby Blanket C (also in vibrant colors and extremely similar to Baby Blanket A since A and C were made for twin boys...!!!), Baby Blanket D (blue background, Resolution block set on point), and a string quilt.
Baby Blanket C #FAL2016
 I have two more finishes to announce, Baby Blanket C and the sampler quilt from the top left, and a confession. In addition to the pedestrian quantity of finger pokes, I actually snipped my left index finger (proximal, second phalanges) and my left thumb (distal, first phalanges) while snipping off thread. GOOD GRIEF, and it hurt like h-e-double chopsticks. Yes, I am paying loads more attention to my snipping.

Sampler Quiltnon 2016 #FAL2016

Thank you, Snoopy. Ah, a man in the right place, at the right time...