Saturday, April 30, 2016

Baby Quilt A is finito!

In this Finish-a-long, 2nd quarter, I have my first finish, and am feeling very optimistic about the rest of the projects! After all, there are two months left. Baby Quilt "A" (as referenced in my previous post) has been completed and given to the mother. I'm still working on Baby Quilt "C," which is for the same family, due to the twins they are expecting in June. When I finish "C" I will sign and date both A and C...but the circumstances surrounding "C" are fraught with frustrations. Due to the time constraint, I decided to try to start using the Brother XR-9000 which I've been longing to use for machine quilting but "sakes preserve us" - their credo must be, "McDonalds was sued for serving hot coffee, fill the manual with warnings." And I began sifting through, trying to get to the "good stuff" like how to wind a bobbin and thread the machine and actually do something? Here is a sampling, and remember, I kid you not.

"Upper Threading"
Set the upper thread and thread the needle.
For details on the needle threader, see page 18.

- Make sure you thread the machine properly. Otherwise, the thread could tangle and break the needle.

1. Raise the presser foot using the presser foot lever.
2. Raise the needle but turning the handwheel toward you....


If the spool of thread is in the wrong place, or is set incorrectly, the thread may tangle on the spool pin and cause the needle to break. 

It still ain't threaded, the bobbin ain't wound, and I'm calling one of my lifelines. Final answer.

Here is Baby Quilt A. Huzzah!! #2016FAL

And last day of the month but not least, second block from GenXQuilters' Bonfire Block of the Month - April. This month I learned a new technique, "no waste flying geese" which made me exceedingly happy as I do NOT like to sew little ditsy squares together and cut and total scrappage in this wasn't even enough to fill a thimble. Thanks Ann Marie love the no waste technique! (Also love the ironing board in the background)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Finish-A-Long Second Quarter

Here are my proposed projects for the second quarter of 2016 - clockwise from the top: 
- Sampler I made from participating in Quiltnon2016 (quilting and binding)
- Baby Blanket A (finish the quilting)
- Baby Blanket B (quilting and binding)
- Baby Blanket C (quilting)
- Baby Blanket D (binding and finish the quilting)
- Scrap Wall Quilt (quilting, binding and a kick in the rear)

Baby Blankets A-C are all three "due" by the end of May. Errrgggggghhh.