Monday, December 12, 2016

Three down, mumbamillions to go

This last week's labors spent finishing and last minute touches and rechecks on the baby quilt for Savannah (#Savannahsmiles!!) which will be sent out today. This baby quilt marks my first real attempts at freemotion quilting, as I learned how to drop the feed dogs and put the foot on my Elna. Zach at ABS in Vacaville was most accommodating, waiting while I pushed the feed dogs up and down several times. The foot was $11 which seemed entirely reasonable, due to the price-checking I'd done at a certain nationwide chain, whose staff has been just plain UNhelpful and one baby step away from rude. 

The blanket is the Carolyn Christmas' Cheerful Child, from pinkmambo, which I have now made three times. This pattern's skill level is "adventurous beginner" (her classification). I've found the pattern to be easy enough that there has been almost no frogging, yet subtly complex enough to delight all viewers. My only frustration was in taking the photo, finally took this side-by-side on the cedar Adirondack chair. The baby quilt is match-up of orphan blocks (16patch small batiks and neutrals) trimmed to 5" squares, matched up with a charm pack by Penny Rose Studio, Toy Chest. There is now a Toy Chest 2, this was from the first Toy Chest.

These pictures are only of one finished project, which is "E" (Baby Quilt A nine-patch/charm for Savannah); to be added at a later date, e.g. tonight or tomorrow will be the "pink pile" from the middle and "C" the Stripey Blanket.

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