Friday, October 14, 2016

Finish Along 4th Quarter

I've been wondering about my participation in the finish-along, specifically if it has helped me to actually finish projects. Yes, in that my head count is 2 baby quilts, one mini-wall quilt and one child sized blanket. These are tangible, finished projects - yet somehow I find myself lacking, possibly because it takes so long to finish a full-sized project. A year ago, I finished the quilt top for "Gypsy Wife" but it languishes in the stack of quilt tops. I've been pondering this, and have come to the conclusion that I have to improve my ability to finish a quilt, specifically doing the quilting. There is a Brother Computerized Sewing Machine sitting on my worktable, and me unable to figure out how to work it. I'm no novice to sewing machines, just recently (without manual or internet access) at a friend's house, I figured out how to thread, wind the bobbin and sew on a friend's machine, then taught her how to do all of the above. I've decided that my Brother inability is not reflective on my general ability. Anyway, my goal for October is to get that thing going and finish a quilt top. 

And in that spirit, here are my proposed finishes for the fourth quarter of the Finish-a-long. 

Clockwise, from the top left: 
A-Christmas quilt (double quilt top of Ohio Stars & red-edged appliqued Christmas trees,     B. Pat Sloan's Little Stars 2015 Scrappy Challenge, 
C-Stripey Blanket, 
D-Baby Blanket A (Cherry Blossom), 
E-Baby Quilt A (nine-patch/charm for Savannah), 
F-blue linen sheath, 
G-jade linen sheath, 
H-Julie Yeager Garden State CAL,
 I-Scrappy Wall Quilt (making its 4th appearance? lol), 
J-Baby Quilt B (Resolution block set on point), 
K-Afghan in multi-browns, 
L-set of two appliqued terrycloth kitchen towels. 
In the middle, from top, log cabin in aquas and newsprint, baby afghan in Monet, and the pink pile is Cheerful Child Blanket (Carolyn Christmas) which is almost half-finished already. That's a lot! I'd better get going to finish!

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